About Noteable Music           

The First Note


How we are first introduced to playing music can affect where our lives and brains  develop and the paths we choose in life. If done properly, this can create a positive environment on which to grow as a person in leaps and bounds

Teach In Harmony


Our teachers are constantly working together to create a stimulating and engaging curriculum for all of our students to follow that will maximize potential and talent and shape music into their lives more effectively.

The Future Sounds Good


New academy open for lessons!

We’d love to hear from you!

Port Alberni, BC | info@noteablemusic.ca

Tel: 250-724-6683 

Founder’s Notes 


After looking around the surrounding area at what was available to learn music, and what added involvement of music in the community was being generated, we decided that we would like to try and invest our passion for music into something that brought these things to the Alberni Valley, as well as the surrounding areas. This is the idea we are trying to promote through being a solid part of the music community, and offering musicians and students a way to help grow the skills and be successful and proud of their abilities. 

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